I think "ISH" describes me in so many ways.


Isn't "ISH" the B of letter grades? Depending on the curve, it could be a B+, but in the wrong group easily a B-.

ISH is the Vice President.
The #2.
The runner-up.
To the masses, ISH is better than most. Almost Famous.

The opening band for a legendary rock star.

ISH is almost on time.
ISH is more casual.
ISH is more relatable.
ISH is more accessible.

Straddling between the everyman (or everywoman) and the King (or Queen).

The "wingman" to the flirt.

The "understudy" to the lead in the play.

ISH is adjacent to prime real estate. (e.g. Beverly Hills-ISH)

But to the person who only arrives at "ISH" status, it is a lifetime of working very hard for a handful of semi-precious stones. No crown jewels.

But there are great advantages to being ISH.

You straddle greatness. If something opportunistic were to happen, you could inherit a throne (ala career greatness, status, fame or even fortune).

But if you never rise to your full potential, no one is truly disappointed. After all, you were only talented-ISH.

Some of us who are only ISH, succeed strictly due to persistence. Many "greats" burnout, peak too soon or just fall out of fashion.

Good news for us that we are only ISH to begin with.

ISH. It's a good place to start. It's not even a bad place to end up.