Dear Patience

I have become obsessed with the notion of patience.

Maybe because I find it so elusive.

I am trying to understand patience. I am trying to obtain patience.

Is patience like a deity? Do you need to "believe" in it to "have" it in your life?

Can I join a temple or a church and pray for patience?

Is patience a daily affirmation? If I used it as a mantra in my meditation practice would I have more of it?

There should be a World Organization that grants patience to those less fortunate. I am sure I would be eligible.

Is patience the secret sauce to life?
Does patience make us more beautiful?
Does having patience make us live longer?
Does having patience give our adrenal gland a vacation?
Does patience lower blood pressure and cholesterol?
I think there should be a patience hotline when you are desperate.

Or at the very least, someone should start a website called "Dear Patience," where you can write into and get advice when you have lost all of yours.