The backstory


When I started 52 Mondays it was intended to be a real time journal to help me manage my sanity, anxiety, and uncertainty during the final year of my 30-year-career as a television executive. I had spent my whole life juggling work/life balance and I still had none. I was tired of feeling stressed all the time, I was tired of reading self-help books that weren't helping, and I wanted to start a new career (work) that had balance (life). But I needed to figure out what this new chapter of my life was going to look like first. So I decided to help myself by writing. I started writing emails to myself, every Monday, to countdown the 52 Mondays I had left in corporate America… and to figure out what I was going to do next.

I call these the "original 52 Mondays" and you can read that journey from the beginning by starting with the first post or navigate through the whole year by using the links below. 

The first year of chronicling taught me how to write, taught me about my patterns of thinking, led me to meditation, and it showed me how much I love writing and collaborating. But when I tried turning those first 52 Mondays into a book, I didn’t have an ending and I wasn’t done writing. I had just begun to evolve and writing was part of that evolution. So I decided to start this blog.

I know I am not the only woman on the planet who is trying to figure out her second act and that’s what I’m doing now... one Monday at a time.

While this blog started in my old life, it’s actually about a life being reinvented. A life where I actually have time to think and create. Time to muse and time to ponder.  Mondays have changed from a day I used to dread to a day where I look forward to getting up and creating something new. 52 Mondays went from a countdown to the end of one thing and became the beginning of finding my own voice.

I can’t promise you that I will always write on a Monday, but I will be writing. Mondays are a metaphor for me now.  A placeholder for exploring ideas, feelings and the occasional rant. A forum to share whatever topic (personal, professional or existential) that comes up.

I would love to hear your Monday thoughts too! You can always get in touch with me here or comment on any of the posts.

The original 52


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