Lady Macbeth

You'll be happy to know that the six hours I spent procrastinating yesterday from doing any real work paid off... a little.

I ended up washing all of the slipcovers on my white sofa and they came out almost as good as new. Unfortunately, the upholstered frame of the sofa remains yellowed and stained, so I still needed a professional to come in and steam clean that part.  

By the way, washing the slipcover cushions was not as easy as it sounds. First of all, there were seven over-sized covers and there is nothing "slip" about them. They are made to fit "tight as a drum" and they are almost as hard to take off as they are to put back on. It was like putting on Spanx on a hot humid day. 

Meanwhile, while I was on this washing/bleaching frenzy, my Old Navy white canvas sneakers also got a second life.

By late last night, I started to feel like Lady Macbeth. (If Lady Macbeth was trying to clean white canvas from chocolate stains and dirty dog prints rather than blood from her hands.)

But what causes these compulsive cleaning jags? Is it truly work procrastination? Or is it in the hope that if I get these things done, I will have a clearer mind to work.

I am not sure I know the answer. Meanwhile, I was making turkey chili this morning, while waiting for the furniture cleaners to arrive, and I accidentally splattered some tomato sauce on my white shorts in the process. I was tempted to run into the laundry room and bleach my shorts too, but I decided to get back to work instead.

I think that qualifies as progress.