I have been very busy procrastinating on everything this morning.

I have been taking out the trash, taking clothes to Goodwill, bleaching old canvas tennis shoes and I am now attempting to get a chocolate stain off of a white sofa.

I have become Martha Stewart with a compulsive OCD twist. Except that I am not baking wedding cakes or crepes. I am literally bleaching a bucket of old shoelaces in an attempt to get them white again. I just realized that I need to sew one of the slipcovers on the sofa before I attempt to wash the stain off. I don't believe that these stains will actually come out, but somehow it is very important to try.

Why am I suddenly having DIY cleaning frenzy? Because it's Monday? Because my husband is out of town and I have more free time to do projects? Or because someone casually asked me, "How is your book coming?" 

When I told them that I had converted it into a blog, they said, "Oh? Are you sure you want to do that?" They paused when they saw the look of horror on my face. Then said, "I mean, what is the blog about?"

I said, "Well... you read the book. Right? It is about transitioning from one career to another, reinvention, discovering patterns and trying to break them. It's about other people's misconceptions of a "perfect" life. It's about trying to create a better life by finding your passion and breaking old thought patterns. I guess it's just about life.  But the story kept going."

Let me clarify. I was stumbling to find the response. I was tongue twisted and defensive. I felt embarrassed and uncertain.

That question keeps haunting me... "What is this blog about?" When I cannot sum it up in an easy TV Guide logline (which I now call my "blogline"), I get paralyzed all over again. Who will read this? Who cares? Why am I writing?


My $19 Old Navy sneakers are pretty trashed. My white sofa has doggy footprints and chocolate stains.  My endeavor to clean these things will most likely be futile and I will have wasted hours trying.

But the alternative is going back to work. I have projects that require creative fixes, but I don't have any creative solutions today.  So my inner Martha Stewart is going to procrastinate a little longer.