Weeds In The Garden

As a perfectionist, I have to admit that my single worst habit is focusing on the one thing that is not working… instead of the multitude of things that are. 

While I cut others slack, I am a drill sergeant when it comes to myself. Last week for example, I accomplished every single thing on my to-do list. I even signed two new clients.  But all I could focus on was that I didn’t write my blog post on Monday, which led to a minor existential crisis. I think I was just tired from having a house full of people the week before. Or I might have had writer’s block. Or maybe a little of both.

Rather than chalking it up to just “one less Monday” blog post, I began to go down the rabbit hole of darkness. I decided that I would probably never be able to write again. And therefore, I would no longer be able to continue writing my blog. Of course, if I couldn’t even write a weekly blog, how could I possibly find the motivation to write a book? Something that I have been meaning to do. That tailspin led me to questioning my ability to teach yoga, build my practice as a life coach, or finish anything else… ever again.

Yes, skipping one blog post created quite the spiral of irrational thinking.

A few days later, I was working with one of my clients who was getting down on herself for not completing one of her weekly goals. I recognized that paralyzing self-doubt. She completely neglected to acknowledge all of the incredible accomplishments that she had made over the prior few weeks. When I reminded her of all of her recent successes, her attitude shifted and her energy visibly lifted.

For many of us, we choose to focus on our imperfections, rather than our achievements. It’s like focusing on a weed in the garden, rather than noticing all of the beautiful flowers.

Take my advice: Don’t focus on what is NOT working. Focus on what IS! Write down everything you have accomplished. Today. Last week. Over the past year. Big or small. It all counts.

And remember, sometimes the weeds are just wildflowers, so make a wish and keep going.