I Am Maris

I haven’t been watching television lately. No reason in particular. I have just been busy with other things. I have been spending a lot of time reading, teaching (yoga), practicing (yoga and meditation), studying, getting my Life Coaching certification (more on that later), playing tennis, and cheering on my youngest daughter during high-school tennis season. 

But last night I sat down to watch television for the first time in weeks… maybe months. While there was a lot of pressure and hype to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones, I promised my husband that I would wait for him to return from a business trip before watching it. The truth is he loves it more than I do, so there is no real sacrifice in waiting for him. 

But as I searched through the overwhelming sea of content now running on Netflix, I stumbled upon a documentary about a teenage girl called I Am Maris. Maris had suffered from anxiety, depression, and a life-threatening eating disorder. Her parents had no idea about the severity of her problems until she was rushed to the hospital for a 28-day recovery program. 

While Maris did well within the in-patient program, she continued to struggle once she returned to her regular life. It was only after she discovered yoga, that she began to find a path out of the wilderness. Yoga transformed her life so much that she became a yoga instructor at 16, started writing a blog, and became a mentor to other teens struggling with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Her transformation was so profound that she was asked to give the commencement speech at her high school graduation. She went to college where she continues to be a prolific writer, artist, yogi, and inspiration to other teenagers (and adults) around the world.  

I cannot recommend this beautiful documentary enough. Whether you know someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, and/or an eating disorder, or you just want to watch someone transform themselves into a beautiful butterfly, this film is not to be missed. 

 As the website for the movie says, “I Am Maris is a story about mental health, self-love, and the power of one person’s voice.” Anxiety and depression are demons that our society is just beginning to talk about openly. While Khaleesi might be the Mother of Dragons, this young girl is a true dragon slayer and a peaceful warrior.

I am truly inspired by her journey and hope to be like her when I grow up.