Sleepless in Seattle

No not the movie… nor the love story. Just my inability to fall asleep due to jet lag while visiting my daughter in Seattle over a long weekend. (Warning: This blog post might make you hungry.)

Friday, while my daughter was doing her summer internship, I spent the day exploring a bit of the city. I went to a museum, made a few calls, answered some emails, and did a lot of walking. I stumbled upon a handmade vegan ice cream store (no dairy!) called Frankie & Jo’s. I ordered their monthly special which had caramel, coconut, almonds, and kale. I know that sounds a little weird, but it was positively the best ice cream I have ever had in my life -- regular or otherwise. It was like a heaven in a cup. I loved it so much that I took my daughter there after dinner, and the line was around the block. We waited 45 minutes, but it was totally worth it. Yes, I even had another scoop.

Saturday and Sunday, we spent our days taking in the city like tourists. We visited the three different museums, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and took a boat tour around Puget Sound. We ate at all the local tourist haunts including Beecher’s known for their world-famous Mac n Cheese and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. These are my daughter’s two favorite foods in the world and mine too. They are, also, what I affectionately refer to as my "gateway drugs." More specifically, white flour and cheese. But when in Rome or Seattle...

We ate late-afternoon pizza from a chain restaurant called Mod. Surprisingly it was one of the best things I ate while I was there -- second only to the vegan ice cream. Mod does a paper-thin mini-pizza with any toppings you choose. They have a gourmet selection of fresh and grilled veggies, so I did mine with fresh arugula and grilled asparagus. It was to die for. My daughter did a pesto pizza with grilled asparagus and broccoli and roasted garlic. I think they went overboard on the garlic because I counted at least two dozen cloves. When I was 21 years old, I would have loved that too, but there is no way I could digest that much garlic at my “middle-age.” (I love saying middle-age because how many people truly live to 106?)

Later we went to the movies, walked more, and went to a late dinner at an over-rated Italian restaurant. We shared a mediocre pasta appetizer and a salmon entree. Both unmemorable. The best part of the meal was their bread. Whenever I eat bread, I always think of the Amy Schumer’s stand-up line “Remember bread?” She says this line in a wistful nostalgic voice. It’s the same tone of voice we use when we talk about an unrequited love we had as a teenager. Anyway, I ate the crunchy Italian bread with the soft center and the homemade butter… and it was so good. It almost made up for the unmemorable-over-priced meal. We sat next to a twenty-something pop singer, whom I didn’t recognize, but my daughter said was kind of a big deal. 

We walked home from the restaurant. More walking. More talking. We laughed and giggled. We walked everywhere we went. Apparently, we averaged 7.3 miles per day for three days straight--according to some app on my phone, that I didn't know I had, but my daughter showed me.

Normally, my daughter can out walk me (in both speed and distance), but I had boundless energy and she was having trouble keeping up with me for once. She may have been slightly handicapped by her mild indigestion (undoubtedly due to her roasted garlic festivities from earlier). Or perhaps I was just jet lagged and wasn't aware of how late it really was. Or maybe it was just the excitement of just spending time with my daughter in a new city together. The whole glorious weekend reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book:

We walked and talked.

We talked and walked.

We ate and ate.

I almost hate...

How much we ate.

Fish fish fish.

There was fish on every dish.

Ice cream without the cream.

Which tasted just like a dream.

We walked up and down every hill.

We thought our feet would surely kill.

We walked and giggled.

We walked and jiggled.

Although there was barely any sun.

We still had tons and tons of fun.

Two girls in a city.

Who were positively giddy.

Just mother & daughter...

and a great weekend by the water.