I was reading through some old journals the other day, and I came across this one entry:

“Today I had an interesting day. I had a lunch meeting with an old friend who wants to put me up for a bigger job at a competitive network. Even if I don’t get the job, it reminded me that there are always other possibilities.” 

That one word struck a chord with me:  Possibilities. 

I love that word. The intangible feeling of hope. 

It reminds me that even beyond hard work and preparation. Wishes and prayers. Meditation and creative visualization. Being present. Being grateful. Counting my blessings. Being patient. There is another category. Another level of the unexpected. The dream or the idea that I have not yet dreamt. There is another layer in the stratosphere… the unknown.

So when I am feeling stuck. Caught in the weeds. Or feeling like nothing is moving forward. I have to remember...

There is the world of Possibilities… and that is where the magic lives.

Take that with you on this Monday and carry that with you all week long.

Enjoy the possibilities of something wonderful coming.