Some days you just wake up tired. This was one of those mornings. 

After a restless night, I got up early and took my daughter to school, fed my dog, sat down to meditate for 20 minutes... and then went back to bed for two hours.

For those of you who know me, I am not a napper. I am a doer. I am an over-doer. In fact, it’s very very rare that I am ever tired. But I was really proud of myself. I listened to my body and I actually rested… because I needed to.

Fatigue is so foreign to me that it always feels like a terminal illness. I am tired, so the world must be coming to an end. Where is my boundless energy? Where is my creative flow? Where is my usual manic, multitasking, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar, go go go? Apparently, that girl has left the building.

Admittedly, I might have worn myself out physically by doing a five-mile hike on Friday morning followed by a yoga class in the late afternoon. Then on Saturday, I played four sets of intense mixed doubles followed by hosting a small dinner party at our house. I probably continued down the over-doing path when I played two separate tennis matches on a blistering hot muggy Sunday. In between all of that, we went to see a play, went to a goodbye party for a friend, did about six loads of laundry and ran some errands.

If it wasn’t physical exhaustion, I might be emotionally drained from last week’s news coverage of Brett Kavanaugh's congressional hearing. It wasn’t only exhausting to watch on TV and listen to on the radio, but then there was the endless debates that it prompted in my household. I think there was a collective stomach ache around our country. I know that I had one. Although, I must say the only thing that lightened my dark mood after these hearings was the opening sketch on SNL this past Saturday night.

So today I find myself thinking very slowly and it feels like I am moving in Jell-O. I want my to-do list to be done. I want to be caught up at work. I wish I had already started something in the crockpot for dinner or at least gone to the grocery store. 

I was hoping to tell you about the new book I am reading. The new series I am watching… and the new recipe I tried last week. But I don’t think that’s going to happen today. The words are not flowing quite the way I would have liked. So forgive me for the short and muddled blog post.

If by any chance you are feeling exhausted by life today, I hope that when your day is done that you can take some time for yourself too. I highly recommend taking a hot bath tonight or going to bed early. That is going to be my plan for sure.

By the way, I don’t think it’s just me feeling this way. Just look at my office mate.