Houston We Have A Problem

I was on a roll. I was writing again. The words started flowing. The endorphins started flowing and then it came to a crashing halt... again.

Houston. The hurricane and the floods. 50 inches of water. Non-stop news coverage. Devastating photos. Neighborhoods destroyed. Animals drowning. Families left without shelter. Freeways under water. I can't stop looking. I can't stop talking about it. My husband is a news junkie and, worse, he has a particular obsession with natural disasters. So he keeps showing me pictures.

But I am to blame too. I keep looking at social media. 1 MILLION homes have been destroyed. How can I even think about finding something cheeky to write about when it was the biggest recorded hurricane in history?

I thought maybe as the water began to recede and the winds were no longer 180 miles per hour, maybe life would return to normal.

But no.

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. But now it's more violent cousin Irma is on its heels. Irma has just devastated St. Marteen and is heading directly for Florida. Again, I can't stop looking at social media and the photographs. 90% of St. Marteen's structures have been wiped out. But Irma's not done, she's heading for one of the most populated cities in our country.

Meanwhile, Mexico had a massive earthquake. There are wildfires out of control in the pacific northwest. It's as if Mother Nature has had enough of us on her planet, and she's trying desperately to shake us off her planet like a dog with fleas.

I find myself paralyzed again. I am grief stricken and unable to focus. So I am writing about the source of my sadness in which I feel powerless and guilty. Powerless that I cannot do anything to prevent or solve these massive crises, and guilty that I am still bothered by my own daily minutia.

I need to stop looking at social media and I need to start researching charities to donate money to help the cause.