Labor Day

Labor Day is coming! A three day weekend!

So what is it about Labor Day that makes some people unnecessarily anxious? Is it because it is the last days of "summer vacation" and there is this unspoken pressure to make it count?

For families who have summer homes, they are packing up, shutting off the utilities, covering the furniture and closing the shutters until the next summer. The casual attire of flip-flops and bathing suits are worn one last time before being packed away for the next nine months. The lazy days of summer are about to become a distant memory.

Maybe it's the fact that there is no other three-day weekend in sight. For a few lucky ones, there might be an odd Columbus Day or Veterans Day off. But, for the rest of us, there are no long weekends until Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving? Isn't that the holiday where they jack-up the airfares so people can come together for a long weekend of carbohydrate-laden food. Sibling rivalries rear their ugly heads. Families are torn between mothers and mother-in-laws or in some cases between moms and dads. That's not a vacation.

As a kid, Labor Day meant back to school shopping. There is nothing more fun than picking out new school supplies? (Do you remember denim covered notebooks? I think everything was denim in the 70s.) We made our book covers out of paper shopping bags and then you could draw all over them. Now they have nylon books covers. The new book covers remind me of the Spandex leggings girls wore in the 80s. I think they feel creepy. We didn't carry backpacks in those days. We just had armloads of books.

Labor Day means there are no more Monday holidays until the kids go on Winter Break. The next three and half months is 40-50 hour work weeks, carpools, commuting, shorter days, colder nights, homework, sports, schedules to juggle, constant battles of getting kids in the shower, reminding them to go to bed earlier, brush their teeth, and pick up their wet towels off the floor.

So the pressure to REALLY enjoy Labor Day is almost too much. We all want to finish that summer novel we started. We feel obligated to throw (or at least attend) one more backyard BBQ. But no one sent me an invitation and I am feeling too lazy to throw one myself. I need to relax, but I have a long list of things to do. I need to go to the grocery store and stock up on back to school lunch items, what to make for dinner this week and something my daughter will eat for breakfast. I have at least five loads of laundry to do. Oh and I am out of dog food.

By the way, my daughter's school ACTUALLY started two weeks ago and yet...

I still feel the end-of-summer, last-three-day-weekend, how will I make our Labor Day special-angst?