Still Meditating

It has been over six months since my first meditation class and I am still meditating. It has become part of my everyday life.  Like brushing my teeth or taking a shower.  

But I have to admit something, meditation is not always easy.

There are some days I close my eyes and try to sit quietly for 20 minutes and it feels like 20 hours.  

Some days I find myself peeking at the clock.
Some days I find myself desperate to stop and jot something down on my grocery list.
Some days I can't stop thinking about how hungry I am or what I want to make for dinner.
Some days I can't get comfortable.
Some days I am so wired that I simply can't sit still. 
Sometimes I am so tired, I just want to sleep.  

The afternoons are particularly difficult when I am trying to “squeeze” in 20 minutes between picking up my daughter from school, taking her to sports, trying to exercise myself and then getting home to make dinner, feed the dog, eat dinner, do the dishes and take a shower.  

But when I am not rushed and it is quiet, it can be quite joyful.  

Like life, sometimes meditation is a real challenge.  But the overall benefits of learning to be alone with my own thoughts 20 minutes a day/twice a day has been transformative. I find that I am infinitely more creative and I have more clarity in my thinking.  

Meditation is a practice. Kind of like life. You have good days and bad days. You don't arrive at a destination when you practice meditation, you simply alter the journey.