Motherhood in Retrograde

I seem to be struggling with Motherhood this week.

My middle daughter seems to now be afraid to eat and is chronically nauseous.  We don't know if this is a mental, emotional or physical condition.  She is depressed, anxious, has too much stomach acid (from not eating), exhausted (from not eating), pale and gray.  

Her stepmother is pulling her hair out and I feel helpless 2500 miles away.  She is barely interested in talking to me (or anyone for that matter).  Her stepmother is worried that she will develop anorexia as a result of not eating for so long.  I am at a loss.  

My youngest daughter is about to turn 13 and I feel like some alien has taken over her body. She has become an eye-rolling, snarky, impatient teenager. It's almost impossible to even have a conversation with her at dinner. She is annoyed by any discussion of current events, questions about her school, her sports or her friends.

When we go to the movies, she hates that we talk about the movie afterward. When we took her to a tennis tournament this weekend, she was annoyed that we watched her play her matches too intently. When I remind her to take her PE clothes to school this morning, she rolled her eyes and still forgot them 2 minutes later. She couldn't find her tennis racket today because our cleaning lady put the racket inside her tennis bag, and it didn't occur to her to look for it there.

Yesterday we asked her what she would like to do for her birthday. We offered to have a party at our house or the beach or whatever she would like. She just wants to hang out with three of her friends. But she hasn't picked a day, time or place. She's not interested in finding out which of the weekend days they might be available.

She is also planning to run for Vice President of her middle school. When we asked about campaigning, she said, "No one does that. They just give a speech." When we asked about what she was planning to say in her speech she said, "I don't know. How would I know? It's not written yet."

Every question we ask, no matter how big or small, is responded with utter disdain and her responses make no sense. Every sentence contradicts the one before it and somehow it is all our fault. Either we are not listening or we just don't understand.  I feel like I should be an expert on teenagers by now.  This is my third one.  And yet... every time I get that eye-roll, I feel like I am starting over without an instruction manual.  "Just breathe," I tell myself.

Thankfully there is no issue with my oldest daughter at this time, but I am reluctant to call her for fear of jinxing that too.  

I am hoping this is some kind of mercury in retrograde for parenting right now. I need a sign that this too shall pass. Right now I feel like I am in a bad remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

P.S. On the bright side, my dog is no more or less spoiled than usual. His listening skills are always terrible. He barks too much and wanders into the street any chance he gets, but at least he doesn't roll his eyes at me. He just has a confused look whenever I give him a command and then proceeds to lick my face when given a chance. It could be worse, he could be acting like "Cujo."