Mondays Are A Metaphor

Welcome to 52 Mondays... the blog.

I always like to manage expectations, so I need to warn you, I can’t promise that I will deliver you something every Monday.  I can’t even promise you that I will write on a Monday.  I will do my best, but there is a good chance that I might write on a random Tuesday.  So I just want you to be prepared.  I might not even be able to generate something every week.  

The original 52 Mondays were an exercise in maintaining my sanity and it gave me a path to follow when I was feeling rudderless.  

Now Mondays are a metaphor.  I no longer hate Mondays… and I am truly grateful for that evolution.  

Mondays are now just a placeholder for exploring ideas and feelings and the occasional rant.  

Mondays are a forum to share whatever topic (personal, professional or existential) that comes up.  

I look forward to hearing from you.   So feel free to comment or write me an email.  I would love to hear your thoughts too!

Happy Monday(s)!