Chasing Rainbows

This morning, as I was driving my daughter to school, there was a particularly spectacular rainbow in front of us.  Since I was driving the car, in the rain, in traffic, I couldn’t reach for my phone to snap a picture.  But I thought, “Once I drop her off, I will be able to pull over and get a great photo."

The rainbow was so clear.  It was a full one, from end to end.  But just as I pulled into the carpool line, the clouds opened up... and water just dumped out of the sky. The rainbow was gone.

I thought, “It will be sunny on the other side of the highway. I could get my photo over there. We’re only talking about a few extra minutes of driving.”  

It was sunny on the other side of the highway, but dark clouds had erased the beautiful rainbow. So I thought, “I will drive around and find a different perspective.  There must be another one.  Maybe even a bigger one. A better one?” I drove around for another 10 minutes but there were no rainbow in sight.  I thought to myself… “Am I literally chasing rainbows?”

I needed to get home to start prepping tomorrow’s dinner.  I am having a very small Thanksgiving this year, but that’s what I said last year. I ended up waiting until the last minute and I was sweating bullets trying to get it all done.  So this year, I promised myself that I would get a head start on it.  

But I’d really rather be out chasing rainbows for awhile longer...

(As it turns out, my daughter had actually snapped the picture I had been hoping to get.)