I Am Not An Uber Driver

Last time I was in LA, I must have pressed the wrong button when requesting an Uber to get to the airport.  It now thinks I am a driver and I keep getting notices that I am not making any money with a “Weekly Pay Statement” of $0.00.  It then says, “Let’s fix that and get you to start earning!

The irony is that I don't even live in Los Angeles and I don't even own a car there. 

The superstitious part of me fears that this notice is the ghost of Christmas future. If none of my projects go into production soon, then this weekly notice will be a subtle reminder that I am not making any money as a producer, so I might NEED to start driving for Uber. (No shame in that.  Just not exactly what I had in mind for my second career.)

The sad part is that I don't know how to go to the website and dissuade the app from thinking that I am a driver.

If that isn’t bad enough, this whole misunderstanding is because I am over 40 and I really need to be wearing my reading glasses whenever I am doing something on my phone.  If I had seen what buttons I was pressing, I wouldn’t be having this issue with Uber.

But meanwhile, it’s Monday.  I just spent two hours on the phone with my cable company trying to find out why they arbitrarily raised my bill $12 this month.  Apparently, the “introductory promotion” I had has now expired.  Did I really need to spend two hours to learn this?

Perhaps I should have activated my Uber driving status and picked up someone for a ride to the airport.  It would have saved me the aggravation on the phone with the cable company, and I could have covered the cost of the additional bill this month.