I Am Starting To Have Fun

It's not even Monday.

Apologies for not sticking to the format.

But this thing happened...

I started having FUN!

Uh oh. That is the warning bell for the neurotic. Never take a compliment.

Never admit success...

And g-d forbid we ever admit happiness.

So I'm knocking on wood (another superstition) AND saying Kina Hora, but I have been having fun. I have been on a crazy roller coaster of busy and mania and as someone said to me today, "Welcome to the World of Possibilities."

I am well versed enough in mania to know the other side of that coin: depression. I am trying to keep my balance here, so the big D does not come creeping in.

In my new home and in my new career, everyday is truly different. Somehow I am as busy as ever, but this time I can't wait to get out of bed and start my day.

My assistant is in LA. She keeps track of my entire professional life: managing my calendar, my phones, my meetings, my accounting, tracking and looking for material that might make for good TV. She is not only my assistant.  She is also my bookkeeper, development executive, sounding board and tech support. She keeps me focused and organized. We have healthy debates on projects and she gets me prepped for all my creative discussions. I am lucky to have her.

The last nine days I have been in LA for meetings.

  • Four network pitch meetings (Lifetime, TNT, CBS & TV Land).
  • One network general meeting (EPIX).
  • Three different writer meetings on separate projects.
  • Meetings/meals with old friends from USA, SyFY, Oxygen, E! and Bravo.
  • Meetings with a dozen different people from my studio.
  • Breakfast, lunches, dinners and drinks every day. An industry charity tennis tournament.
  • Meals with my 89-year-old dad.
  • Dinner with my brother.
  • Dinner with my cousins.
  • I played a couple of social tennis matches.
  • Went to a book signing for a family friend.
  • I attended the final mix of the last episode of my series and the post production wrap party.

For the first three days, as a I ran around like a crazy person, I ate almost nothing. Then I made up for it over the weekend. I could not consume enough salt, sugar, carbohydrates and cheese. I am now leaving LA pumped full of more sodium and fat than a Thanksgiving turkey.

It's all good. I love being busy. I love my new career. Most importantly, I no longer hate Mondays.

Dare I say... it started out as 52 Mondays, but maybe it will turn into 52 and Happy?!

Kina Hora.