Politic vs. Political

It turns out producing is not quite as dreamy as I thought.

While I have been lucky enough to be assigned to my first series right out of the gate, they don't hand you the easy shows. They hand you the troubled ones.

They said there were some "problems" with prep, and there might be some "personality conflicts," but that perhaps I could come in and be the "grownup" and smooth the waters.

Over the years, I have developed the reputation for being "Politic."
Not "Political."

What's the difference?

"Politic" is someone who knows how to give bad news well. It's also someone who knows how to "manage" difficult people.

"Political" is someone who knows how to play the corporate game and manage up (that is managing your bosses).

People who are "politic" are often in positions of assisting people who are "political."

The Secretary of State is politic. The President is political.

So here I am again, put in the role as the peacemaker... the get-shit-done girl, but without the ultimate authority.

The biggest problem is that my show was put together piecemeal with a lot of "forced marriages" of people who don't play nicely with others.

The good news is that the work product, in spite of the dysfunction, is pretty good. There are some very talented people working on this, they just don't really want to work together. They are all "artists" and proprietary ones at that. Subsequently, I spend a lot of time trying to negotiate peace treaties and collaboration.

I am exhausted.

We're halfway thru at this point... and yet the problems keep coming. We are over budget, behind on scripts and everyone is fighting.

If all goes well, we survive this and make a good product.  IF I am assigned to another show, it will most likely be "troubled" as well.

Hopefully when I get better established, I will be able to insist on taking on the battles at the beginning rather than in the middle. Ideally, I can bring some semblance of organization, boundaries and accountability (if I am empowered to do so).

I keep thinking that running my own production company, being an independent producer and working from home will free me from the chaos of badly managed organizations.

Silly me.