It's All In The Name

This is kind of an exciting time.

The series is still shooting in Canada and thankfully I did not have to go back to the set for a third time.

We turned in our first cuts to the network and they seem generally happy. Their notes were in sync with ours. It might require some reshooting. The budget is tight, so we have to be creative both on the set and in the editing room to address the notes.

The series will finish shooting the first week in August and there is no certainty it will come back for another season. Most limited series are closed-ended and there is no way to know if the network will have an appetite for doing an entirely new story for a second season.

So I am starting to focus on my future projects by reading material, meeting with writers, talking to agents, etc.

Meanwhile, I am hiring my new assistant and starting to set up my own production company. I'm also thinking about what I should call my company?

I like the idea of "Fussy Girl Productions," because I am kind of particular in my likes and dislikes (in case you hadn't noticed).

Unfortunately, while asking some friends and family their opinions, one person mis-read the "F" as a "P" and thought this could be a problem. Someone else said that it would sound like "Fuzzy Girl Productions" when my assistant answered the phone.

So we went through a whole list of other options:

Bossy Girl Productions
Sassy Girl Productions
Fluffy Dog Productions
Aloha Friday Productions
Hana Hwy Productions

My husband thought I should have something with Hawaii in the name of the company. Everyone in LA felt that I should downplay the Hawaii part and make it more self-referential. "Bossy Girl Productions" was very popular. Those outside the industry felt that my initials were best.

None of them ended up sticking.

When you are trying to establish yourself in a new career, but need to reference a long standing previous career, it's just easier to go with your name. So that's what I did.

Kind of like the recycled black Emmy dress. It's safe (and boring), but it gets the job done.