Kena Hora

It's already Tuesday.

Sunday came and went.

Monday came and went.

I think I no longer hate Mondays.

Am I cured?

After a lifetime of anxiety and blues about Mondays, is it possible that I actually like every day of the week?

As a superstitious Jewish girl, dare I say I am happy? "Kina Hora" is a Yiddish expression that means: may the evil eye not shine down upon you for saying something is good. In other words, you don't want to jinx it.

I feel free.
I like producing.
I like being home when my daughter comes home from school.
I like being home with my dog.
I like having a computer that turns on without going through a dozen passwords and firewalls every time you want to check your email.
I like wearing casual clothes.
I like not wearing high heels.
I like being independent, but still having a job to do.
I like it.

Whenever something good happens to my husband, I always ask, "Are you happy now?"

He usually responds by saying, "happier."

At this moment, I am "happier" too.

Kina Hora.