Contextualizing Hate

I know that the word "hate" can conjure up some really bad feelings and I know that I should be more careful when I use this word. I would not let my children say, "I hate..." anything.

Although, my youngest daughter really hates bananas and my middle daughter really hates tomatoes. I can't think of anything that my oldest daughter really hates. (Maybe she is slightly less dramatic than the rest of us?)

So let my clarify my use of the word hate. I don't hate anyone. Well that's not entirely true either. I do hate Hitler and I do hate anyone who hurts animals or children. But in general, I don't hate people.

Occasionally, I hate "things."

Packing, being cold and being in limbo are all things that I hate.

But for those of you that think the specificity of the word is just too hateful, please feel free to substitute the word hate with the following options:

"I really dislike"
"It's not my favorite thing in the world"
"I find it really annoying"

So let's just try that out:
"I really dislike packing."
"Being cold is not my favorite thing in the world."
"I find being in limbo really annoying."

It doesn't quite whack the same proverbial punch, but feel free to substitute as you like.