Spring Break

On vacation this week in Hawaii. Spring Break. A real vacation.

It's a real vacation, because I am in-between my old career and my new career. When I was an executive, I always felt compelled to check my emails and read a stack of scripts. The work never stopped because I was "on vacation." As of next week, the official "safety" of the corporate bosom will be gone and I will be a producer. "Safety" is such a comical word choice, because in these corporate Hollywood jobs there is no such thing as "safety" or "security." It is a dog-eat-dog industry, where you can be fired, let go, down-sized, restructured or bankrupt in a moment's notice.

But for now, I am here... away from it all. I almost forgot what it's like to be on vacation in Hawaii. From the moment I get off the plane and feel the soft air, smell the tropical flowers and see the palm trees blowing in the wind, it feels like heaven. I instantly feel a sense of relaxation.

Being on vacation in Hawaii is different than living in Hawaii. While it remains beautiful, it's just not the same. A friend of mine once said, "Vacation is wherever your responsibilities are not."

So on that note, I need to continue enjoying my vacation.