Becoming a Producer

I have spent the last few days meeting with writers and producers and friends and talking about my next chapter: my potential career as a producer. With every meeting, I am more inspired to do something.

I even wrote my first treatment for a limited series.

In the last eight weeks, I have announced my "retirement" from my executive life, started a book, wrote a treatment for a TV series and signed up to teach my second college course.  Oh and we got an offer on our house today!

Is it actually possible that this is what Mondays will look like in my future life?

Is this what it feels like when I love what I do?
When I've finally broken out of the shackles of corporate imprisonment?

I am (almost) "the captain of my own ship." Another one of my husband's favorite expressions.

Or is it just a temporary high from the intoxicating scent of change?

Now I must wait until I can officially call myself a producer. Yes, I am still in limbo because my corporation is still "re-organizing." This is Hollywood's euphemism for cleaning house. Cutting back. Laying off. It happens on a regular basis and it probably happens now more than ever as the business continues to change at a rapid pace.

Producer is one of those careers where you are either very successful or it's a generic term for being unemployed and struggling. Not dissimilar from other careers like:

Real Estate Agent.
Any one of these labels could mean success, power and freedom OR... 
on the verge of invisibility and bankruptcy.