Diary of a Mad Housewife (Former TV Executive)

Seriously? How did it get to be Thanksgiving week? In Hawaii, there is very little demarkation of seasons.  It's pretty much summer all year round with a little more rain in the winter.  But it could be Memorial Day for all I know.  

I have a sense that we must be getting close to the holidays, because I begin to carbo-load and crave baked goods. Especially pumpkin anything.  

Or perhaps I am craving the comfort of warm baked goods, because I am feeling out of sorts. Producing (or developing) is hard work. I read and write every day, but some days there is no one to respond. The studios and networks are busy. My partners, writers, animators and producers, miss their deadlines.

Sometimes yesterday's BRILLIANT idea is a lot less brilliant the next day.

Somedays I am just tired and would rather look up recipes for gluten-free banana bread. Knowing perfectly well it won't be as good.

I find myself domesticating a lot more. If I can't be producing a television series (or supervising up to twelve series a year as an executive), I find the need to do a lot more laundry. I also go to the grocery store a lot more. I also cook a lot more. I bake a lot more. I also wipe down the counters a lot more. Some people might say "obsessively" more. I even bought a SECOND crock pot. Don't judge. It was on sale at Costco.

The true highlight of last week was when my 12-year-old found these "crock pot cooking liners" at Target. No more scrubbing the insanely unwieldy crock pots for an hour after making a "simple meal" with my hands. Game changer!

This has turned into some kind of tragic remake of "Diary of a Housewife." No longer a high-powered television executive. No longer a player in the game of Hollywood life. Not even a TV producer at this moment. I am now writing about crock pot liners. The irony is not lost on me.